Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Halloween School Book Club (Pt.2) - Hallowe'en adventure story-book!

Here's the other Halloween-type book I got from the School Book Club back in the day! I have to post the whole book this time, as it'd be pretty useless posting anything from it if I didn't!

It's a role-playing game book y'see, in the style of the classic Choose Your Adventure series (as opposed to the slightly more complicated Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks)! I went through a period of being obsessed with this stuff when I was a lad, and have quite a big collection of game books I should really do a post about sometime!

For anybody who hasn't experienced this sort of thing before, you don't try and read through the book like a normal book, or it won't make much sense..instead, you have to make choices at the end of some of the  pages, and then go to the page that your choice directs you to so you can find out what happens next!

Anyway, here's the book in all its slightly-crappy-but-fine-if-you're-a-ten-year-old glory! Enjoy!

(Remember to click the pages to go big!)

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

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Page 5

Page 6

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Page 9

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Page 13

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Page 36

Monday, 16 October 2017

Cinema Of Stuff Presents....Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster!! (1965)

Hmmm...it's been a while since we've had a proper movie on the blog, hasn't it, so it's probably about time we had one! Unfortunately, you'll need to wait a while longer, as all the Cinema Of Stuff can offer today is this far from proper effort from 1965....

Mars women have been destroyed after an Atomic War, so some surviving Martians, Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir, decide to see what Earth has to offer in the way of breeding stock...

On the way there, they shoot down a NASA space capsule, causing the surviving occupant to go on a rampage that terrorizes Puerto Rico, whilst the Martians round up women from pool parties and beaches to take back to Mars........

This slice of cheese stars....

 Marilyn Hanold (The Brain That Wouldn't Die, )
James Karen (Poltergeist, Return Of The Living Dead)
Lou Cutell (Peewee's Big Adventure, Honey I Shrunk the Kids)

Anyhoo, here you go....try to enjoy it.......it's only 76 minutes long! Just remember to wear your Space Shield Eye Protectors (available from your nearest vendor on Pluto) to prevent being abducted into space....

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Shower Of Death!

Time for another story plucked from the pages of Witches Tales 12, 1952...and this one is just....well...odd! 
You'll see what I mean....

( Pencil/Inks ~ Manny Stallman )

Told you it was odd! 

Thanks again to Ontology who uploaded these scans to the Digital Comic Museum!  

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Spook Sightings Of Yester Year No.3 - Give A Dog A Bone

We go waaayy back for today's sighting, as it was published in The Gentleman's Magazine, in January 1731....and features what sounds suspiciously like a Black Shuck! Here's the transcript for you to peruse!!

"The following Narrative, given by a Gentleman of unexceptionable Honour and Veracity has been lately published at Edinburgh.

One William Sutor, aged about 37, a Farmer in Middle-Mause ( belonging to the Laird of Balgown near Craighal ) , being about the month of December, 1718, in the fields with his servants, near his own house, over heard at some distance, as it were, an uncommon shrieking and noise ; and they following the Voice, fancied they saw a dark gray-colour'd Dog ; but as it was dark night, they concluded it was a Fox, and accordingly were for setting on their Dogs : but it was very observable, that not one of them would so much as point his Head that way.

About a month after, the said Sutor being occasionally in the same spot, and much about the same time of Night, it appear'd to him again, and in passing, touched him so smartly on the Thigh, that he felt a pain all that Night.

In December 1729, it again cast up to him at about the same place, and past him at some distance.

In June 1730, it appeared to him as formerly : And it was now he began to judge it was something extraordinary. 

On the last Monday of Nov. 1730, about sky-setting, as he was coming from Drumlochy this officious visitor passed him as formerly, and in passing, he distinctly heard it speak these words, 'Within eight or ten days do or die' ; and instantly disappear'd, leaving him not a little perplex'd.

Next morning he came to his brother James's house, and gave him a particular account of all that had happen'd : And that night, about 10 of the clock, these two brothers having been visiting their sister at Glanballow, and returning home, stept aside to see the remarkable spot, where they had no sooner arriv'd, then it appear'd to William, who pointing his finger to it, desired his brother and a servant who was with them, to look at it ; but neither of them could see any such thing.

Next Saturday evening, as William was at his sheep-fold, it came up to him, and audibly utter'd these Words 'Come to the spot of ground within half an hour'. Whereupon he went home, and taking a Sword and a Staff in his hand, came to the ground, being at last determin'd to see the Issue. He had scarce encircled himself with a line of circumvallation, when his troublesome familiar came up to him, he ask'd it 'In the name of God, who are you?' It answer'd, 'I am David Sutor, George Sutor's Brother : I killed a Man, more than 35 years ago, at a *hard to read at this point....but I think it says...* bush by East the road as you go into the Isle'. He said to it, 'David Sutor was a Man and you appear as a Dog.' It answer'd 'I killed him with a Dog, and am made to speak out of the mouth of a Dog : and I tell you to go bury these Bones.'

This coming to the ears of the Minister of Blair, the Lairds of Glascloon and Rychalzie, &c. about 40 Men, went together to the said Isle ; but after opening the ground in several places, found no Bones.

On the 23rd of Decemb. about midnight, when William was in bed, it came to his door, and said, 'Come away : you will find the bones at the side of the wither'd bush, and there are but 8 left' ; and told him at the same time for a sign, that he would find the print of a Cross impress'd on the Ground.

Next day, William and his brother, with about 40 or 50 people who had conveen'd out of curiosity, came to the place, wjere they discover'd the bush, and the cross by it ; and upon digging the ground about a foot down found the eight bones : All of which they immediately wrapt in clean linen, and being put in a coffin with a mort-cloth over it, were interr'd that evening in the church-yard of Blair, attended by about 100 persons.

N.B. Several People in that Country remember to have seen this David Sutor ; and that he listed for a Soldier and went abroad about 34 or 35 years ago."

So there you go! Another weird sighting, and this one was just over the water from me in Fife! And you can see what I mean about the Black Shuck-type stuff! My cousin, my aunt, my brother and me might have had our own encounter with a Shuck, but I'll save that tale for nearer Halloween.... ;-) 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that..I'll have another hunt through my scans and see what I can find for the next sighting! 


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